My offseason came pretty suddenly for me this year. I started off the early Cyclocross season motivated and then... nothing. I finished my first two races, no real problems even though I was finishing much farther back than I expected. That said, I'm not sure why I thought I'd finish farther up the field since my weight has been creeping upwards for months and I know I race much better 20 lbs lighter than I am right now. I know: shocking, right?

Anyway, my first two races were nothing to write home about but no real issues. Saturday's race on the second race weekend frankly sucked. Half the course was composed of rooty singletrack that was no fun to ride on a CX bike and I just wasn't having fun. I finished on the lead lap, unlike a number of folks, but other than that there was nothing good to say about the race. Sunday's race was at the same venue and I honestly just had no interest in getting up and going. That quickly morphed into having no real interest in the bike at all for about the next week. I'd look at it and think "I really need to ride" followed immediately by "Meh." and then I'd go do something else.

After several days of that I got in touch with my coach and told him I hid end-of-season burnout and just couldn't find any interest in riding. He was a little surprised but I only started working with him back in May and I guess he hadn't realized I've been training since last November and racing since the end of March. To him, we'd only been working for three or four months, to me I'd been working for going on 10. The good news is that after basically a week off the bike I started really wanting to ride again, and especially feeling the urge to ride my mountain bike for the first time since April. The bad news is that the timing was kinda bad since I had to go to Chicago for WEFTEC 2017 about two weeks after that third race. That meant I didn't really ride for a week, got a few days on the bike, then I was off the bike for another week while I was in Chicago.

So here I am, freshly returned from Chicago, and I'm excited to ride but (even more) overweight and probably missing a ton of hard-earned fitness. Oh well, it is what it is, I suppose. I am motivated and ready to ride again, and I'm ready to get back into the gym for the offseason weight training so I guess that's all good news too. I kinda feel like the 2018 season starts next week.


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