Welcome to my new home on the web, Chaotic Focus.

First, a bit about the name. I chose the name Chaotic Focus because it seems to summarize my life. I have way more hobbies and interests than any one person should, and I tend to get obsessively focused on whatever the hobby du jour is at the moment. As a result, my life looks chaotic from the outside (and sometimes from the inside...) as I bound from electronics to cycling to gadgets to some woodworking project or another to the latest interesting software package or programming language to... well, you get the idea. But whatever it is I'm working on I'm usually pretty focused on it.

More about me, by way of an introduction. I've spent many years working in the Controls and Automation field for a major multi-national corporation. During that time I've done everything from writing internal tools to production PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, Operator Interface Terminals, industrial Human/Machine Interface software, database and reporting software, and on and on and on. I've also spent time as a bench-level electronics tech, and one of my primary areas of interest are where those two things come together: hardware programming with things like Arduino, esp8266, etc. These days I'm actually working in the Industrial IoT group for the company I'm employed by. You might say it's something of a dream job for me. Really, it always has been, but now even more so.

On the more leisure side of things, I got addicted to cycling a few years ago after taking it up in an effort to lose some weight and get into somewhat better shape. As usual for me, I quickly got hyper-focused on it and I've since graduated from barely making it around the block to racing multi-hour mountain bike races, 10 mile and 40km road time trials, road races, criteriums, and probably my biggest love, cyclocross. This blog will have no shortage of race and ride reports and posts about bikes, gear, and cycling/fitness tech.

I'm also a life-long guitar player, though I don't play as regularly as I should anymore. I picked up some piano along the way, and digital recording, particularly using open source software, interests me. I'm sure posts will appear about those subjects as well.

With that, thanks for visiting!


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