About Me

I'm a chaotically-focused (see what I did there?) self-professed geek and technologist. I work in technology as well as having software, electronics, and general gadgetry as a life-long hobby. I started tinkering with electronics as a sophmore in high school, went on to work in an advanced electronics field for the US Navy, and have been working with software and electronics ever since. I'm particularly interested in that space where software and hardware meet, so things like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are things I love.

My other major passion these days is cycling and bicycle racing. I started cycling in my early 40s as a way to lose weight and try to counteract all the time I spend sitting in front of computers and it quickly became an addition. I still remember my first eight mile road ride and how hard that was. These days I'm spending far too many hours every week training so I can compete in road races, time trials, criteriums, and cyclocross.

As if all that wasn't enough, I'm a life-long guitarist with an interest in digital recording. I don't play as much as I'd like anymore but it's still something I love and I play when and as I can. I also like to work on recording projects with my Open Source, Linux-based recording studio using Ardour and all the associated tools that go with it.

When I'm not engaged in one of my many time-consuming hobbies, I can usually be found reading, watching Carolina Hurricanes hockey, or playing with power tools of some sort. Oh, and sometimes I actually sleep.